Emars Wavepool Davao City

It's already summer here in Philippines and it is really hot plus the electricity interruption makes me feel like I am living in hell in order to refresh myself I decided to go to Samal Island and enjoy myself in the beach however I was having hard time to choose which beach resort I will stay, good thing I remember Emars Wavepool the first wavepool in Davao City which is located just 5-10 minutes away from my house.

I been here last 2010  and it was a memorable experience that is why I am so excited to be back here again.

Below is one of my photo way back 2010. The quality of my cam is really bad xD

Last Sunday we went to Emars wavepool to have our first summer escapade. Emars Wavepool is a great place for families and friends. Children will enjoy the design of the pool and its mini slide. They have two pools one is a wavepool and the other is infinite pool. The maximum depth of the pool is 5 ft but will reach up to 7 ft if the wave is active.  They have free life jacket and lifeguard around the pool area so you will feel safe for yourself and for your children.

We arrived in Emars at 2:00 pm because that is the check in time. We changed our clothes and went to the pool, though I already expected that there will be a lot of people since it is summer and it is really hot but I didn't know it would exceed my imagination both pool is full of people.  Well it didn't stop me to enjoy the pool!

This picture didn't justify how many people were there.

The pool opens at 9:00 am to 9:00 pm so the next day at exactly 9:00 am I went to the pool and there were no other people so I took the chance to take photos and swim after. The waves will be activated starting at 11:00 am approximately 20-25 minutes and has a gap of 1 hour for every time it is activated.

Below are the photos in Infinite pool area

Below are the photos in Wavepool area

Aside from pool they also have KTV rooms, souvenir shop, restaurant and rooms for those who want to stay overnight. FYI no overnight stay in the pool.  There are different reception for those who will just stay day tour and for those who will be staying overnight.

Entrance to the hotel reception

Hotel Reception

Wavepool Reception

Their rooms are very comfy and clean. It is cheaper than the usual I been to which are similar, most have price range of 2500 pesos and above for 2 pax but we only paid for 1980 pesos for 2 pax with complimentary breakfast in Emars.

Choices of free breakfast

Other Photos:




Beach View

Car Parking Area

Motorbike Parking Area

Emars located in the city proper. It just at the back of SM Mall Ecoland about 5-10 minutes away. If ever you need something you can just go out and buy it. 

Emars Wavepool Rates as of April 2016

Room Rate:

Room Type                   Published Rate                    Promo Rate
Double                          Php 2200                            Php 1980
Triple                            Php 3300                            Php 2970
Quadruple                     Php 4400                            Php 3960
Family                           Php 6600                           Php  5490

All rooms inclusive of breakfast and wavepool pass

Extra bed 350/night
Extra person 250/night
Check in time: 2;00 pm Check out time: 12:00 nn

Emars Wavepool Daytour Rates

Adult and kids 3 up - Php 200
Senior Citizen - Php 142.86

Double Cabana - Php 1000 (25 pax)
Single Cabana - Php 500 (15 pax)


Food - Baon Type - Php 200
Catering Services/Warmer Size - Php 300
Soft Drinks - Big Php 30, Small Php 15, Case Php300
Pork Lechon - Php 300
Liquor - Imported Php 300 per bottle, Local Php 50 per bottle
Beer - Php 30 per bottle

Swimming Pool Attire - No Cottony Shirt/Velvet/Zipper or with bottons wear like silky shorts, nylon, jersey or swimsuit.

Note: Not allowed to bring breakable items/sharp object/pets/speakers/heating devices inside the pool.

Emars Wavepool Contact Info:
Locations: Times Beach Matina Aplaya Davao City
Cp # 09437064099

By: Doris Jamoner


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