Water Gran Resort - General Santos City

Just this year my mother and sister moved from Davao City to General Santos City where we have some relatives living there. I thought that General Santos is not that interesting place, that there are no nice beach or resort and it is just a dusty and hot place. I also thought that only thing nice about GenSan is Manny Pacquiao and Tuna but I guess I was wrong.

Last September 4, 2015 I went to GenSan to visit my mother and sister at the same to celebrate my 25th birthday. They have decided to go to a resort. My cousin searched for a resort and found a good one. 

Water Gran Resort is an ideal place for us since we are a large group and we will be bringing kids. This is a place where kids and adult can enjoy. They have two nice pools  where kids will really enjoy because it is not that deep and it has a good design.

They have also beach for those who want to swim in the beach just like my grandmother and auntie. Though their beach is not that really awesome because  I think it is not that well maintained and it is not white sand but it is good enough to enjoy.

What I like about Water Gran Resort is their landscape and how they put designs in it. They have also nice rooms and very big cottages. You can bring food but there is a corkage for drinks.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your family and friends this would be a perfect place! We enjoyed our stay here in Water Gran Resort. It is safe, clean and simply perfect!

Water Gran Resort location and contact number:

Brgy Bawing, General Santos City, Philippines
+63 (83) 552-3587

Water Gran Resort rates and rules/regulations:


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