A Land Day Tour in Guimaras!

If you are visiting Ilo-ilo City like we did Click Here. You must visit its nearby island Guimaras. It might be a small island but it has a lot to offer!

During our last stay in Ilo-ilo City, we planned to visit Guimaras for an island hopping but we got so tired of lots of island hopping and we were already so tan and some of us had sun burns already. We agreed to go for a Land Tour.

From Go Hotel, we rode a jeepney going to Ortiz Port where we had our more or less 15 minutes boat ride to Jordan Port Guimaras. What I liked about Guimaras was how organized they were. When we reached Jordan Port they led us to the Tourism office to register and the Tourism office told us the route for Island hopping and Land Tour. They also told us the fee of their accredited modes of transportation.  We chose Land Tours and Multicab Jeepney as a mode of transportation.

I think the whole tour will last 8 hours but we wanted to go back to Ilo-ilo city early so we opted not to go to some destinations that were so far.  Since this happened last July I will not be able to remember all the names of the places that we been so I will just be posting the pics below and enjoy!

Go Hotel

Our Transpo for Land Tour

We had our lunch at Raymen Beach Resort. Though our skin were already burned we still swimmed there. We just can't resist swimming. 

Our last stop was the Windmill. It was quite far but since we still have time we decided to see it. It was a good sight.

We really had a lot of fun during our stay in Ilo-ilo and Guimaras. It was one of my memorable travel experience. The place was so wonderful, foods and accommodation were affordable and most of all the people were kind and helpful. I love Ilo-ilo that is why before we left Ilo-ilo we bought a couple T-shirt for a remembrance.

5 Days and 4 Nights in Ilo-ilo!

Our first planned was to visit Manila and Baguio City but we got tired of waiting for plane ticket sale going to Manila so we decided to visit Ilo-ilo instead though we don't know anyone from there and we never been there.

It was last July when we went to Ilo-ilo and yup I just post about it today because I am a lazy cat. We were a group of 6 people, my boyfriend, Jonathan, Julie and the newly wed couple Hilda and Jeffrey. It was almost lunch time when we arrived in Il-ilo airport so we looked for a van to take us to SM City Mall. It costed us 70 pesos each because the airport was very far from the city around 30-45 minutes travel.

Island Hopping at Conception

After lunch, we went to Tagbak terminal and from there we went to Sara Terminal (via Estancia Van P120) and after we rode a single motorcyle (20-30 mins P50) going to our hotel HJB Pan de Azucar (Aircon room for 2 - P1400). Yes! It was a very long but adventurous travel. When we arrived there we just ate snacks, dinner and rest because a long day was waiting for us tomorrow.  I was thankful that our hotel was comfy and the it had a delicious food and large serving. 

The next morning we wake up early to eat breakfast and prepare for our Island Hopping yeheey! Finding a boat was not a problem because the hotel has contacts. Boat rental was P3000. Our first stop was Bulubadiangan Sand Bar (Entrance Fee P25). It was nice because it was peaceful but the sand was not that white and kinda dirty not because of garbage but because of dead sea weeds I guess.. The water was not very clear either. We still enjoyed our stay there because we brought delicious lunch.

Our next destination was the Agho Island (Entrance Fee P30). This one was way better than the previous one. It has white and fine sand. The water was clear and bluish. A sand bar indeed. There are more people in Agho than in Bulubadiangan  and I was not surprise. We really enjoyed swimming and taking pictures here.

We went back to out hotel around 3:00 pm and the hotel was good enough to let us take a shower and prepare without additional charge since our check out time should be 2:00 pm. Though a little bit tired from swimming, we packed our things and head to our next destination Islas De Gigantes!

Isla De Gigantes

From Conception we rode a bus going back to Sara Terminal and from there we rode a jeep going Estancia because the bus already left. That was a good thing though because the jeepney driver offered to take us straight to Pa-On Beach Resort where we will be staying. 

We only chose the 3G Room which was only 600 pesos a good choice I must say. I like this place because it is affordable. We just ate our dinner and slept. We didn't bother swimming in their swimming pool because we have to pay for it.

The next day we rented a boat via Pa-On Beach Resort for an Island Hopping in Islas de Gigantes (P6000 Boat Rental). It was a long sail around an hour and it was raining but when we arrived at our first stop there was no rain.

Our first stop was a sand bar, we paid 150 pesos but we only stayed for like 15 minutes because I don't know! Ask out boatman ugh! It was better if we skipped this since we already had a sand bar experience in Conception.

The next destination was the famous of all islands in Gigantes Island the Cabugao Gamay (Entrance Fee P50). It looks like a sand bar with 2 big rock formation. The sea was very clear you can even see small fishes swimming. The view from above will give you a good shot. of the island.

Next was Cabugao Dako (Entrance Fee P30). This island can be good place for adventurous people. It has small cave and area where you can rock climbing. 

The next island was called semi-boracay. I guess they call it semi-boracay because the sand is as fine as the ones in boracay.  This island has no entrance fee.

After in semi-boracay, we went to our last stop where we had our lunch. The Antonia Island ( Entrance Fee P40). In this island you can buy a steam scallops for only 1 peso per scallop. We bought 200 pieces and it was more than enough for us. It was really delicious. What I liked about Ilo-ilo was that they were abundant in seafood therefore very affordable.

Pack Lunch c/o Pa-On Beach with drink and mango P250

It was really a fun island hopping. The best I had so far. When we went back to the resort we prepared to go back to Ilo-ilo City for our Guimaras tour. Check it Here.

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