Island French Resort, Samal - Idyllic place for couple or small families

Last month I went here together with my bf to celebrate our 6th year anniversary. We found this place through online research and the photos of the pool, the room and free trip to vanishing island were the reasons we chose this place. Locating this resort was not a problem at all because it was just 10-15 minutes away from Sasa Barge.

Upon arriving at the resort, we were looking for a parking lot inside their resort but they don't have one. Their parking lot was just outside the gate but they assured us that they have security guard that will be guarding the parking area at night.

They led us to our room, on the first look from the outside the room looked so small but after we entered it was actually spacious and comfy. I loved the interior design and its simplicity.

Unfortunately, 30 minutes after we arrived there was a black out for about 1-2 hours and they don't have generator, good thing the room was not so hot even without AC. When it was almost 6 pm we went to their restaurant to order food. There were only limited choices on their menu so we just chose Lechon Kawali for our dinner. They delivered the food in our room and to my surprise it really taste good. After dinner we had our night swimming in the pool. The pool looked great at night because of the neon lights.

The next day we had our free breakfast at the beach area. First they served us coffee and loaf bread with orange jam and I said to myself, "What? Is this all? This is not enough for a breakfast. I need rice! T.T" thank goodness after we consumed the bread they gave us our real breakfast. 

After we  ate our breakfast we told the staff that we want to go to Vanishing Island.They prepared the boat that will take us to vanishing Island. It was our second time going to Vanishing Island, the first one was when we were in Precious Garden Resort. 

Vanishing Island is small strip of white sand island. The island is visible during low tide and disappear during high tide. When we went there it was high tide but we can still walk on the island with the water reaching only from ankles to waistline. The boat driver told us we can go to the mangroves trees and went there to explore the area. It was really nice to have these trees planted here. The mangroves trees were planted within the island to further support marine life.

Going to vanishing island during high tide was not really bad at all since I enjoyed swimming there. When we were back at the resort we went straight to the pool for an another swim. I loved the style of their pool it was as good as what I saw in the photos online.

Island French Resort is a small resort which is ideal for couple like us or small families to have a private place to spend time together and enjoy.

Island French Resort Location: Baybay Tambo in Babak District. From ferry boat terminal (sasa barge) turn left and straight all the way for 10-15 minutes. 

Island French Resort Rates as of 2015: 
1 Familia Room is Php 4750 with complimentary breakfast and trip to vanishing island.
Couple Room is Php 2900 with complimentary breakfast and trip to vanishing island.

Island French Resort Contacts:

By: Doris Jamoner


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