Sohoton Cove and Non-sting Jellyfish at Bucas Grande Island

Clear and crystal sea, interesting caves, swimming with jellyfish, beautiful islands, caring people, lots of adventure and much more are what Bucas Grande Surigao Del Norte can offer that is why we took the chance to visit this place when we had our long weekend last week.

Saturday night around 8:30 pm, we rode a bus from Davao City Ecoland Bus Terminal bound to Pasay Cubao. It was a long 8 hours night trip and we arrived in Surigao Bus Terminal at 5;30 am, after our quick breakfast we rode a van going to Hayanggabon Port for almost 2 hours. When we reached the port we looked for a boat that would tour us around for an island hopping. We paid Php 3500 for the boat which can cater 4-8 persons.

Our first destination was the Crystal and Bolitas Cave. Crystal Cave is an open-ended cave and its big pathway and chamber would make the trek easy for first timer like me but for Bolitas Cave it has a very narrow passage that can only fit one person at a time and in order to go inside you have to crawl or glide.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Bolitas Cave

We didn't bring food for lunch with us so our boatman told us that we can buy food in Tiktikan Lake. Tiktikan lake was a great place! We saw lots of Jellyfish around, great view of small islands and a diving spot.We bought fish and big squid for our lunch and told the seller we will be back at lunch time.

While waiting for our lunch we went to our next destination which is what our boatman called white sand. It has a fine white sand and clear water which is great for swimming. What I like about this place is that you will see few small cave like in the shore.

Around 11:00 or 11:30 am, we went back to Tiktikan Lake but before heading there we first went to the reception area of Sohoton Cove and Jellyfish Sanctuary where we paid for the said tour. After paying and getting our priority number we went back to Tiktikan Lake to have our lunch. After we ate our lunch we stayed a little awhile there to swim in the sea while waiting for the right time to go to our Sohoton Cove activity. Sohoton Cove can only be accessible during low tide 12:00 pm onward. If you want to see the Tiktikan Lake you should go up a rough trail but once you see the beauty and calmness of Tiktikan Lake it is all worth it.

Below are our photos in TikTikan Lake


Swimming while holding Jellyfish

Tiktikan Lake

After having fun in Tiktikan, we went to our main activity the Sohoton Cove. Our boatman brought us to the reception area where we will be transferring in a smaller boat with 3 guides so bye2 to our boatman for awhile. On our way to Sohoton Cove we saw lots of rock formation. More or less 3 minutes we arrived at the entrance of Sohoton Cove where our boat have to go under the cave water.

Entrance to Sohoton Cove

For our Sohoton Cove activity we will be going to two caves the Hagokan Cave and Magkukuob Cavern (Diving Cave). We first got into the Hagokan Cave, we have to dive into the water to enter Hagokan cave since only one of us know how to swim our tour guide helped us to dive by holding our back all we need to do was just go with the flow and hold our breath for 7 seconds. When we ascended from the water we were already inside the cave. It was so dark and you can only see light in the water near the entrance. It was a magnificent experience to swim inside the cave but at the same time a little bit creepy thinking maybe something will grab my foot under and take me away haha.

We proceeded to Magkukuob Cave. Unlike Hagokan Cave the water in Magkukuob Cave is just waist level but still I didn't bring my DSLR with me since we will be climbing up to a rocky pathway that goes up amidst stalagmites and for the exit we have to jump off from a ledge into the sea. I am poor I don't have GoPro hopefully we will be having one by the end of the year.

I was scared to jump so I asked out tour guide to just push me but he jumped with me lol

We went back to the reception area to transfer to a paddle boat which will bring us to the Jellyfish Sanctuary. In Jellyfish Sanctuary there are more jellyfish than in Tiktikan but you are not allowed to swim in the lagoon only in the area outside the lagoon. You can touch the Jellyfish for they are non-sting jellyfish just don't take them out from the water or they die.

After our interaction with the Jellyfish we went back to the reception area to be reunited with our boatman. It was time to say goodbye to Bucas Grande and go back to Hayanggabon Port. In Hayanggabon Port our boatman lead us where we can change our clothes and while we were changing our clothes he was looking for a Van going to Surigao city proper or terminal where we can find a tricycle going to Mabua Pebble Beach. Luckily, the driver of the Van brought us straight to Mabua Pebble Beach with just an additional pay of Php50 each.

Bucas Grande was such a memorable experience for me not only because of its beautiful nature but  also with the goodness, thoughtfulness and hospitality that the locals, boatmen, tour guides had shown us. They really gave us an excellent service and experience.

More Photos Below:

Birds Fishing while heading back to Hayanggabon Port

Sohoton Cove Reception area

How to go to Bucas Grande:

From Ecoland Bus Terminal ride a bus bound to Surigao, Pasay Cubao or Tacloban. If you miss the trip you can go to Butuan City and from there you can find a bus going to Surigao. You may inquire Bachelor Express for the Bus Schedule 082-244-0654 or 082-244-0637. Davao to Surigao is an 8 hour ride. From Surigao Terminal ride a van going to Hayanggabon Port. It is a 2 hour ride and in Hayanggabon Port you can find lots of boat to choose from.

Bucas Grande Surigao Del Norte Expenses:

Bus Fare Davao to Surigao NonAir - Php550/pax
Van Fare Surigao Terminal to Hayanggabon Port - Php120/pax
Boat in Hayanggabon Port - Php3500 per boat/day  good for 4-8 pax

Crystal and Bolitas Cave entrance fee - Php100/pax

Sohoton Cove Tour and Jellyfish Sanctuary:
Permit Fee- Local Php50/pax, Foreign Php100/pax
Entrance/Environmental Fee - Local Php50/pax, Foreign Php 100/pax
Safety Gears - Php 50/per group
Pumpboat for Sohoton Cove activity - Php500 per boat
Local Boat Guides - Php330
Paddlers for Jellyfish Sanctuary - Php100/pax (You have the option not to include this in your tour)

*Since we were 4 person our total payment in Sohoton Cove +  Jellyfish tour is Php1680 that would be Php420 each.

Van Fare from Hayanggabon to Mabua Pebble Beach - Php170/pax
Mt Bagarabon Beach and Mountain Hotel Resort - Php975/room if check in time is 4:00 pm check out time 10:00 am (with free breakfast)

*Our Mabua Pebble Beach experience will be posted in an another entry check it Here

Tricycle Fare Mabua Pebble Beach to Surigao Terminal - Php 150 per tricycle

Since we can't find Aircon Bus going straight to Davao we decided to double ride via Butuan.
Bus Fare Surigao Bus Terminal to Butuan City Aircon - Php205
Bus Fare Butuan City to Davao City Aircon - Php490

I hope this blog will be a big help to those people who are planning to go to Bucas Grande Surigao Del Norte. Have fun and thanks for reading!

Doris Jamoner


  1. Great blog. I really appreciate the nice photos and the detailed list of prices. well done!


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