Japanese Tunnel Family Resort

It was my bestfriend's birthday when we went here last month. Though I never been here before  I heard the name Japanese Tunnel. I thought it was just a tunnel where students can have an educational field trip but I was wrong..

Aside from the tunnel they have rooms where you can stay overnight at a lower price compare to other resort with the same quality of room. They have also pool where both adult and children would enjoy.

My two friends  and I went their to stay overnight well because one of us is I think a pool addict hehe.

It was already evening when we arrived there and I noticed that the place was not that big however it was so peaceful. We went to our room and the moment I saw it I really like it. It was large and the ambiance was good. Their c.r was clean which is a plus factor.


We ordered food for our dinner and just have it delivered in our room. We don't have the chance to have night swimming because the pool  will close at 10:00 pm.

The next day we woke up early to see the surrounding while waiting for the restaurant and pool to open at 7:00 am.

 The entrance to the Japanese Tunnel

 Souvenir Shop 


Reception Area 

Pool View from our room 

Reception Area 



When the pool was finally open we went there to swim and we also ordered our free breakfast to be serve in the pool area and also we ordered another food.

This is the free breakfast with coffee

The pool is free for those who have rooms but to those who will just go there to swim in the pool and not staying overnight the payment would be 100 pesos.

Before going back home we visited the Japanese Tunnel. We paid 50 pesos. There was a tour guide who tour us inside the tunnel and she explained everything about the tunnel like who made the tunnel, when, why and what for..

Japanese Tunnel Room Rates:

Standard Rooms:
Single: 970 pesos
Twin Single: 1140 pesos
Triple Single: 2180 pesos
Quadruple Single: 2550 pesos

Deluxe Rooms:
Matrimonial: 2160 pesos
Twin Matrimonial: 3000 pesos

Super Luxe Rooms:
Twin Matrimonial: 3000 pesos

Condotel  has a suite pegged at 3960 pesos

Extra bed: 400 pesos
Extra person: 350 pesos

For inquiry and bookings, email djapanesetunnel@ymail.com or find them on Facebook. I am not related to them

By: Doris Jamoner


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