Sarbay Beach Fest - Morning Activities and Fireworks Display

It was a nice morning though most of us were tired from the last night foam party. To rejuvenate all we need is a good breakfast. Looking for food or a place to eat was not a problem since there were lots of booths which sell foods and souvenirs. 

After eating breakfast we took a shower, I really thought that we will be having hard time with bathrooms since there were thousands of people but thank goodness it was not really a problem since there were lots of bathroom available you just have to pay 15 pesos. I want to say that whoever accountable for cleaning the beach they really did a great job. When having a beach party it is common that the next day the beach will be so dirty, full of bottles, plastic and garbage but I did not see a lot of mess. Kudos to them!

After shower we did not do anything but rest since most of us did not sleep last night so I took the chance to roam around and take pictures. Here are the photos ^^,

I also watched some of the competition, the contestants were from different cities of the Philippines.

Beach Volleyball 

Kite Flying



Kite Flying


Jet ski

Before the sun set they had zumba dance unfortunately at night it rained but it didn't stop the people from having fun they even have party under the rain. The rain lasted up to 1-2 hours. There were still party and dancing on the second night but unlike last night there were no foam.

Around midnight, we watched the fireworks display. I really enjoyed it because I was very young the last time I saw Fireworks display because fireworks and firecrackers are banned in Davao City good thing it is not banned in Sarbay.

At 5:00 am when the party were finally over we went back to our van to go home. Before finally leaving Sarbay we stopped by in a place where most people take picture when going to Sarbay. It has an overlooking view of the beach.

By: Doris Jamoner


  1. I preferred the peaceful side of Gumasa. When I went here in 2013 the beach is not over crowded. You'll find lots of spot to take pictures without photobombers. I blogged about it. You might want to check it out. :)


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