Kadayawan Festival - Davao City!

Kadayawan Festival is one of my most favorite festival here in Davao not just because of the long week activities but also because during this season there are so many fruits available such as lanzones, rambutan mangosteen, my favorite durian, marang and pomelo at a very low price!

Kadayawan is a celebration and thanksgiving for a bounty of fruits and flowers which  held every third week of August.  It was a week long celebration from Aug 17-23 2015. There are lots of activities to look forward everyday and my favorite part is Indak - Indak sa Kadalanan. It is a street dancing competition where they represent their tribe culture, tradition, myth, and legend. Many join this competition from different parts of Davao City and even people from other city take part of this competition representing their city's indigenous tradition.

Aside from Indak Indak sa Kadalanan there are things you can enjoy during the Kadayawan Festival such as the Floral Parade, Hulagway sa Kadayawan (Kadayawan Photo Contest) and Kadayawan Street Party. If you are into listening cultural music and seeing tribal dance, Tunog Mindanao and Sayaw Mindanao competition which showcase Mindanao traditional music would entertain you. 

We don't just take pride of our rich culture and land but we also take pride of our beauty that is why we also have this beauty pageant competition called Hiyas sa Kadayawan where candidates represent the 11 ethnic  tribes of Davao City.

If you are into sports Davao Tribal Sports competition will give you an adventure and for people who loves eating while listening to a band Hudyakan would be a great place. Hudyakan is a 3 week long food and beverage market within Roxas Blvd,  my friends and I really enjoy going to Hudyakan to eat barbecue and to drink. 

Truly Kadayawan is the most grandest celebration in whole Mindanao and we always look forward to it every year.

Doris Jamoner


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