List of Restaurants in Davao City Part 2!

I can't remember when was the last time I posted about list of restaurants here in Davao City. I am not really good in keeping my blog updated sigh*. Well better late than never so here I am now! I will be making a list of restaurants here in Davao. Here we go!

1. Keepsake Cafe - What I really like about this cafe is its interior design, it feels like you are at a very cute home. They have lots to offer from main course, drinks to desserts.

2. Green Buffet - This is not a vegetarian buffet. I don't have any idea why it is called Green Buffet lol. Among all buffet restaurant worth 100 to 200 pesos here in Davao this one is my favorite. I can't count anymore how many times I been here. They really serve delicious and extra special food. Birthday Celebrant is free here just bring a proof like ID or birth certificate.

3. Saluhan Lounge Buffet - Their food is not as great as Green Buffet but I really fell in love with their ribs. It was so good. Another thing I like about this restaurant is that they have breakfast buffet (5 am to 9 am) for only 69.00 pesos such a good deal!

4. Backyard Burger - Every time I saw their post on facebook I always drool and makes me wants to go and eat there right away! Their photos ain't lying what you see on their post is what you get and the its taste will not fail you.  They always have promo so better hit like their fb page.

5. Little Dorothy's Place -  It is located inside Gaisano Mall beside 3D Movie theater. The interior design is  simple and fresh. I feel so young when I was there maybe because of the colorful chairs. The food are affordable it is just that one order/meal is not enough for me because the serving is small. I regret choosing ice tea as a drink I really don't like their ice tea but I like their other drinks.

6. Army Navy Burger + Burrito - My bf was craving for Burrito and I wanted to eat burger good thing we found this one. Perfect match! I like that the food is covered with foil it looks clean. The burger and the burrito taste good and clean however the burrito did not reach my expectation however it taste good and my bf enjoyed it.

7. Bear's Burger Bar - If you want a quiet place to eat a burger I guess this is a good place. The moment when we went here only 2 tables were used. The burger is not as great compare to Hollywood Burger and backyard burger but it is acceptable. 

8. Bruce Legend - If you are a fan of Bruce Lee this place is right for you. You can find this Chinese restaurant at the Peak Gaisano Mall. The food is good. I just don't like the fact that they don't have normal drinks such as coke and ice tea. They only have bottled or canned Chinese drinks which I am not fond of.

9. Classic Savory - Actually I tried this one in Gensan but then I found out that they have also branch here in Davao City. Horaay! Their name justify their food. It really taste classic and savory. I like it so much. We ordered a meal that is good for 2 person.

10. Golden Brown - At First sight I thought that this is not a restaurant. I though it is a big lechon manok (roasted chicken) vendor. I guess they are known for their roasted chicken but we did not order it. We ordered chop suey and calamaris. It really taste great and we think of coming back again next time to order roasted chicken ^__^

11. Hollywood Burger - One of my favorite! I like all their burgers, fries, taco and even their rice bowl meals. I don't have words to describe Hollywood Buger.. It's great and I always find myself going back here over and over again.

12.  Cafe Ilustrado - Located inside Gaisano Mall South. It is kinda weird that there is a restaurant inside the department store but the restaurant looks appealing so we tried eating after shopping. The food is not bad but it is not very great also. It is just average but worth a try.

13. Davao Famous Restaurant - One of the oldest restaurant in Davao. This restaurant serves Chinese cuisine at a very reasonable price and their serving is big. The food is well seasoned and well prepared. The place is very clean. Kudos for the staff who is in charge of cleaning he/she really doing a great job! Not far away from this restaurant is another similar restaurant called Shanghai Restaurant.

14. Azon Boneless Lechon - If you are a lechon lover like me you will love this place. Their lechon is tasty that I don't even want to dip it in sauce. They also offer other food aside from lechon. We ordered a meal with lechon, unlimited rice, and drink.

That's all for today folks. There are still other restaurants that I been to but I was not able to include it in the list because I am still looking where did I save the photos or I forgot the name of the restaurant haha. If you are from Davao and you know a good restaurant don't hesitate to tell me of course I want to try it. 

By: Doris Jamoner


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