Missy Bon Bon Bread Shop - Not Your Ordinary Bread Shop!

At first glance I thought that they only serve breads,cakes and gelato but to my surprise they offer more than what I expected!

Photo credit to Miss Bon Bon FB Page
After watching movie we decided to eat first before going home but we were not that hungry and we don't have any idea where or what to eat because we were not craving for something. While we were strolling around the ground floor of Gaisano Mall, Missy Bon Bon caught my eyes because of its cute and light interior design.

When I went to the counter to order I wasn't expecting they have lots to offer from sweet dough, sandwiches/burger, salads, pasta, meals to all day breakfast meals. It took me a while to choose what to order then I decided to go for their all day breakfast meal.

The food is great. The staff are accommodating and the price is reasonable. I love the it!

By: Doris Jamoner


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