K-1 Family KTV - Friends Bonding

My bf's best friend who was from Manila was assigned here in Davao City for some job related stuff. They took this chance to meet again and call their other high school friends  to reunite. We all meet at Bean Leaf Cafe where we had our dinner because one of their friend was working there. After that we went to Rizal Promenade to have some drinks. When it was almost midnight we were thinking which place to go next. A place that close late at least 2:00 am. 

I suggested that we will go to Torres St since there are few restaurants that still open after midnight. When we were walking along Torres St we saw K-1 Family KTV, we went there  to inquire what time they will close and they said 2:00 am. 

We paid Php 250 per hour for the KTV room because we went there Saturday. Sunday to Thursday rate is just Php150 per hour. K-1 is not only for KTV but they also have restaurant and spa. You can order food from their restaurant and have it deliver in you KTV room. Delicious foods while singing what can you ask for more?

K-1 Family KTV Menu and Rates:

K-1 Family KTV Location: Torres St Davao City Philippines 8000
K-1 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/K1FamilyKtvCafeSpa/

By: Doris Jamoner


  1. from the name itself, you really need to visit as a family. :D But do they have solo dishes on their menu?


    1. uu merong solo, merong shareable dish meron namang pang group.

  2. Iba iba pala rates nila iba ung menu from ktv at dun sa resto???

    1. Hindi po ako sigurado about sa resto kasi sa KTV lang po kami pumunta.


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