Field Trip at Davao Crocodile Park

I am here once again with my mother and her young students in their field trip! Woaaahh! In the movies, tv shows, news and etc crocodiles are known to be scary. I even remember hearing in the news before that a crocodile ate a man. Scarrryy ~__~

But then the moment I saw them face to face and know more about them well there is still the fact that I am scared but they are Awesome!

Davao Crocodile Park is not only a field trip destination but also a tourist destination here in Davao City because it is just near from the downtown area. The surrounding area has restaurants and shops as well as a butterfly farm. Speaking of restaurants you can try Crocodile Lechon (Roasted Crocodile) and Crocodile Ice Cream which can be found to one of the restaurants nearby.

Davao Crocodile Park is not only home of the crocodiles but also with other kinds of animals. I just can't name it all.. I am very bad at memorizing (~_~?) hehe  ... let me try enumerating hmmm as far as I can remember they have lots of birds including ostrich. They have also tigers, monkey and orangutan, turtle, snakes and etc hehe..

I forgot taking lots of photos of their animals because I was so preoccupied with my favorite part of the trip, watching their show! What show am I talking about? They have this program when they give trivia about the animals like how to determine if the crocodile is a male or female and how the birds court each other. They are doing that while the birds are showing some tricks!

And after that they will let you have the chance to touch some of the animals such as snakes, birds and baby crocodile.. of course with the staff guidance.

But I guess she is doubtful to touch the snake haha ^^

After roaming around in Davao Crocodile Park, we went to the Butterfly Farm and Tribu K'Mindanawun (Mindanao Tribe I guess hehe). No need to pay again for the entrance fee when going there because it is already included in the entrance fee of Davao Crocodile Park. Butterfly Farm and Tribu K'Mindanawun are not really big but you will have a good interaction with the butterflies and the houses of different tribe in Mindanao.

Davao  Crocodile Park Contact Details

Crocodile Park Location: Riverfront, Corporate City, Diversion Highway, Ma-a, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Phone: (082) 286-8883 or (082) 286-1054
Telefax: +

By: Doris Jamoner


  1. wow... love ur camera for those pics..
    plz check out

    would love it if u could check it out and recommend.

    1. Sure thing! I will check out your blog : )


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