Ilihan Beach Resort - RP Reunion

Photo credit to Ilihan Beach resort

It was summer and it was very hot that time that's why my friend came up with an idea to go to a beach. In our group called R.P (Rebeldeng Palahubog hehe I am not going to tell what does it mean ^^) she is the event organizer, she is the one who usually look for a beach resort and she told us that we will go to Ilihan Beach Resort. We just said, "Okay  We will go to Ilihan Beach Resort!" even though we don't know what it looks like. I personally don't know what to expect there because I didn't even bother to look at the photos in the internet hmm maybe I did and forget after.hehe ^^,

I called Ilihan Beach Resort to make a reservation for a Gazebo which is good for 10 pax.  They were so accommodating that their staff went here in Davao City Downtown area just to get our down payment for the reservation.

How to go to Ilihan Beach Resort?

From Sasa Warf we rode a tricycle and told the driver that we will go to Ilihan Beach Resort. It was quite a long ride good thing that the road was not bumpy because it was already cemented.

Ilihan Beach Resort is an ideal private getaway and a great place to experience nature's most pleasant and placable features. It is gifted with a pristine shoreline, a rich marine life worth exploring whether high tide or low, a cove carved by the sea for thousands of years and glorious hills at the backdrop of this stunning beach.

Ilihan Beach Resort has a very long shoreline that's why we decided to explore the other side and we saw a spot where it was good for swimming.. It has fine sand, the water was clean and it was not also hot there because of the trees.

Ilihan Beach Resort is a good place for large group with a low expenses!

Ilihan Beach Resort Contact information:

Brgy. Camudmud, Babak District
Island Garden City of Samal
Landline : (082) 224-5345
Cellphone : 09202-544-920

By: Doris Jamoner


  1. Those pictures are STUNNING! I can see why you are in love! lol
    My blog is hope that you check it out when you have a chance!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for inviting me to yours. I will be following your blog : )


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