List of Asian Restaurants in Davao

We Filipinos just love food and eating together is our way of bonding as friends and family. As a food lover how can we say No to our neighboring countries food? Of course we love Asian food. There are lots of Asian Restaurant sprouting in the Philippines and here in Davao City.

Here are my list of Asian Restaurant here in Davao. These Restaurants are common here and where I always eat maybe because they have lots of branches, convenient location and great food! (Korean Restaurants are not included here because I already made a post about them)

1. Tokyo Tokyo

We ate here because of my mother and sister request. I think they were convince to eat here by the handsome endorser of this restaurant ^__^

2. Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is the multi-awarded International restaurant that introduced Filipino diners to the delights of modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. I remember when we ate here after all our order was delivered we were waiting that they will give us plate but then they told us that the Banana Leaf will be our plate and we were laughing because we thought it was just a plate mat. Their serving of food is very small but taste is really really great! 

Banana Leaf Asian Café @ SM Lanang Premiere (fronting the dancing fountains)

3. Bhajia Grilled Pizza (located at Bonifacio St)

I can't really say that this is an Asian Restaurant because they sell different kinds of foods from burger, main dish to grilled pizza.  "BHAJIA," pronounced bah-gee-ya, is a deep-fried snack that began in India, and was refined in Africa. This was the inspiration behind the name of the stall "Bahjia Grilled Pizza," I like Bhajia that's why I included it here hehe.

4. Dimsum Diner

I usually go to this restaurant at Sta. Ana branch every morning to eat breakfast. I think I already tried all their foods even though I have experience poor kind of service there I still keep coming back because of my two favorite Halo Halo and Chop Suey ^__^   Finding this restaurant is easy because they have lots of branches.

5. Mandarin Tea Garden

Compare to Dimsum Diner they offer lots of choices in their menu. Mandarin Tea Garden offers tasty Chinese cuisine for a reasonable price.  When dining at their restaurant, you have a lot of food choices from noodles soup, veggies, fish dishes and meats. Finding this restaurant is easy because they have lots of branches.

 6. Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

Sad to say they are already close now :/ Good thing I have tried there before it happened. Actually we just went there out of curiosity hehe Their rice bowl is full of toppings. I ordered the seafood while my sister and mother ordered pork topping. They didn't just put seafood and pork but with lots of stuff.

7.  Zabadani Cafe (My Favorite xD)

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant is a conglomeration of HALAL Middle Eastern Cuisine from Syria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, etc. The place looks sophisticated and relaxing. I Just love the ambiance and the food are so tasty.

The Peak 4th Level Gaisano Mall of Davao, Davao City, PH.
+63 (82) 301-6065 / 302-5886

By: Doris Jamoner


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