A Hidden Beauty of Cannibad Samal Island!

During Holy Week aside from practicing religious tradition Filipinos take this opportunity to have a family and friend bonding. In what way? Of course by going to beach! Beach is happiness!

After spending Maundy Thursday with my family I spent my Black Saturday with my friends. We went to Madyaw Beach Resort one of the beach resorts in Cannibad Samal Island.

From Sasa Barge we rode a motorcycle and we traveled  for more than an hour. I must say it was not an easy trip because the road were not fully cemented which makes it bumpy and dusty. I also feel that I was on a roller coaster because of so many ups and downs. Since it is a Filipino thing to bring foods, drinks and almost all kitchen utensils when going to beach rather than buying ready to eat in the restaurant it makes our trip more difficult.  Holding so many things while traveling on a bumpy road with just a motorcycle I really thought I was going to die haha! But there is no need to worry because drivers here are expert of the road. We paid him 125 pesos per person though the main deal is only 100 pesos well additional pay for being a good and caring driver xD

I was so tired but the moment we arrived in Madyaw Beach Resort in Cannibad I was rejuvenated by the beauty of it. I realized that when you see where you are heading you will know that all hardships and challenges are worth it!

The place was so beautiful that I forgot my experience going here. This place might not be your 5 star hotel or beach resort because they don't have this luxuries amenities but they will offer you the beauty of mother nature.

I have to give credit to the owner and staff of Madyaw Beach Resort they are so caring with their guest. They even lend kitchen utensils, they will let you put your meat in their fridge, you don't have to bring gas stove/butane because they have place where you can grill and cook your food with free wood. I wish we know it before otherwise we will not be having hard time bringing all those kitchen utensils of ours.

The next day we went to the area where you can climb and jump from up there to the water. I only climbed but I did not jumped because I don't know how to swim : /

You have to climb here to be on the top

I took the photo from below where a girl is about to jump. She has to step on the branch first before jumping

My experience in Cannibad was really great and awesome! This was a really good place to enjoy and free yourself from all the worries of this world.

Be an adventurer, go out from your comfort zone, be ready to take challenges and you will experience a whole new level of fun! Discover Nature.. Life is Meaningful..

Madyaw Beach Resort Contact:

Juvelyn: 286-9540 / 09392436432
Toto: 224-4664 / 09177199303

By: Doris Jamoner


  1. Life is meaningful and beauty recharges the batteries. The photos were wonderful. Wish I was there.

    1. That is so true beauty recharges the batteries. Thank you for dropping by : )

  2. I hope I was there with you and we can enjoy the beauty of nature.

    I think I'm in love with you... Keep up the good work and I hope seeing more pictures of yours.


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