List of Restaurants in Davao City!

I love eating and trying different restaurants. I share the same hobby with my boyfriend that's why whenever there are special occasions or it is pay day we usually find and look for restaurants we haven't tried yet or go back again to our favorite restaurants.

This post is just a list of my favorite restaurants here in Davao City. I did not include Asian Restaurants because I already made a list of Asian Restaurants here in Davao in my previous post. 

Ready? Here we Go!

1. Swiss Delli - The Deli offers sausages, hams, bacons,cheeses, sauces, US Angus Steaks,
Australian tenderloin steaks, Lamb meats, Ostrich Steaks, Turkey with special roasting arrangements and a wide array of imported and local deli goods. They also sell wine from different countries. I even bought a bottle of Australian wine in a mid-range price only.

2. Ranchero - We were just looking for a restaurant in Abreeza that time and we found this restaurant. I love the theme where the waiters wear something like a cowboy. The food was great as well!

3. Spirale Ristorante -  Located in Abreeza Mall.  It's extensive Italian Menu. We went there to eat pizza because that's what our pregnant friend wants to eat. I really like the ambiance. The pizza were satisfying. 

4. Cafe France -  Located at Gmall, The Peak. They don't only sell coffee and bread but they also sell pizza and meal which I usually order. I can't remember how many times I been here but it is really one of my favorite because the serving is big and the wifi connection is good.

5. Coco's Grill - Located at Torres and Mabini St Corner Araullo St. I prefer the one in Mabini St because it is smaller than the one in Torres therefore I feel I have some privacy. The ambiance is good. They have musical instrument you are free to play and sing at the same time. I also love the fact that you can order the menu of the other restaurants in the same compound.

6. Gerry's Grill - Gerry's offers scrumptious food ranging from grilled seafood,Filipino & Asian favorites, tastefully prepared beer mates and pica-pica. Among all the restaurants at The Peak Gmall this one is my favorite because they have lots to offer and I have never tasted anything from Gerry's Grill that I was not satisfied.

7. Wings and Dips -  I am more fond of beef and pork than chicken but my boyfriend is addicted to fried chicken that's why he wants to try out Wings and Dips. I like that they don't only serve one piece chicken but four based on the meal we ordered. Their sauce also taste good. My favorite is their Carbonara it is so creamy.

8. Toryanos - Though I prefer Penongs than Toryanos but their Buko Salad is just soooo delicious! The best buko salad for me haha xD

9. Naty's House Letchon - This one is not really a restaurant, I guess it is a Diner or whatever! I just include this here because I really really love their letchon. Located at 836 Gov Chavez St which is near in my office we usually eat breakfast here. We eat Letchon for breakfast hehe Heavy Breakfast eh!

10. Antonio's Bar and Grill - They are quite similar with Ranchero. They serve delicious Filipino food. I love the ambiance. The food was great and it taste clean.

11. Barrio Bistro - Located at Duterte St. The first time we went here we ordered buy 1 take 1 pizza. At first I was hesitant to go there because from outside I thought it was a very small restaurant but when we went inside it was  not really that small and I love the drawings on the wall. The second time we went there we did not order pizza but we ordered a meal.

I guess that's all for now. I am not sure if I miss something because of my poor memory but if ever I did I will just include it in my List of Favorite Restaurant Part 2 along with the new restaurants I will be trying. Enjoy!

Click below for another list of Restaurants in Davao!

By: Doris Jamoner


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