Tres Marias Holy Week Bonding

 Holy Week is a big event here in Philippines since almost 80% of the Filipinos are Catholic. Many people celebrate the Holy Week traditions by going to the church, doing what they are suppose to do and not doing what they aren't suppose to do and not eating what they are not suppose to eat . I am not going to elaborate what are those things because I am not an expert hehe (I am not a Catholic).

While others are doing religious practices there are  Filipinos like me and my family take the few days off and go to the beach. Since Thursday and Friday are non working holiday many Filipinos take this opportunity  to have family reunion or bonding with friends.

Last Wednesday my mother told us that we will go swimming in the beach  on Thursday but for sure most of the beach resort are already full but good thing we found a small beach resort which was not that crowded.

Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort is located in Brgy Caliclic Babak Dist., Island Garden City of Samal. It is just very near, accessible and cheap therefore it is a good place for an unplanned outing.

I was with my mother and sister, my brother was not able to come for some reason and it really made me sad because we were not complete as a family but I just think of it as a girl's outing.

Below are photos of my mother ^_^

The resort has a magnificent sun set. You will be mesmerized by the shadow it draws in the aisle of the sea. Along with the sunset are also freeing of dreary and tired souls. After seeing the sunset we headed back home. It was a good day for us!

Phone Number: +63(82) 302-3595; (082) 303-3148
Mobile Number: 0916-7977939
Address: Brgy. Caliclic, Babak Island Garden City of Samal Davao, Philippines

By: Doris Jamoner


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