Sarbay Beach Fest - Foam Party

Every summer Sarbay (Saranggani Bay) celebrates beach festival and this year is their 10th anniversary. My team mates in the office decided to have a team building there. At first most of us were not sure if we will go or not because it is far and there will be lots of people in that place but we still end up going there because we thought it is just once in a lifetime experience.

The festival started last May 15-16 2015. We went 15th in the afternoon since we had work in the morning. We reached Sarbay around 10:00 pm, that was 5 hours of travel from Davao City to Saranggani.

We rented a van which is good for 10-15 person for 7500 pesos.

When we reached Sarbay we were like lost kid we were not sure where to park or build our tent since there were lots of people, everything was full and we were not familiar with the place but good thing we found a place along the beach shore where we can build our tent.

When we were all set up we sat on the sand and had some drink while waiting for the foam party to start.

 After we consumed our drinks we went to join the crowd for the foam party.

The party was until morning (5:00 AM). My workmates really have lots of energy they were able to drink and party all night without sleeping. I decided to sleep because I want to save some energy for the next day event and I want to see the beauty of the place in the morning. Watch out for my next blog our second day in Sarbay, the beauty of Sarbay and what are the activities in the morning.

By: Doris Jamoner


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