Camp Holiday Resort at Samal Island!

I know this resort  since their opening, who wouldn't? The moment you arrive in Samal one of the first thing you will see is Camp Holiday Resort. Even though I know that they offer cheaper room rates compare to other resorts in Samal I still didn't go and check their resort why? It is because I thought who would like to go to this resort? It is just located next to the barge terminal for sure their beach is dirty and their resort is very small but I was wrong.

One day I was invited to go to this resort by my friend Hilda who is also a frustrated blogger like me xD check out her blog here It was her daughter's birthday which mean there will be free food so I thought why not go there might as well check the place.

When we reached the place I was surprised. Contrary to my belief the place  was so spacious. There were lots of free tables, chairs and open cottages for day tour guest. The area was clean. The beach has fine white sand. This is really a great place to hangout with friends and families. A very accessible  and budget friendly place. The free corkage for food is really a plus!

Below were the photos I took while waiting for lunch time.

Camp Holiday doesn't only have nice beach but they also have pool for kids and infinity pool exclusive for hotel guest. They also have hotel room, colored aircon cottages, dormitory room type, restaurant, billiards and function hall where it can hold a wedding reception and company activities. 

I wasn't able to take photos of their infinity pool since we just went here for a day tour  so I took one from their website.

Photo credit to Camp Holiday Resort

Camp Holiday Resort Entrance Fee:

Adult: Php100.00 Free use of open cottages
Kids: Php80.00 (6-12  years old) Free use of open cottages and kid's swimming pool

Adult: Php150.00 Free use of open cottages
Kids: Php100.00 (6-12  years old) Free use of open cottages and kid's swimming pool

FYI you can bring your own tent. Bringing your own food is allowed but drinks have corresponding corkages.

How to get there: 

You just have to go to Sasa Barge Terminal. If you have your own vehicle it would be better to leave it in their parking area in Sasa than to take your vehicle with you in the Barge. Barge rate for light 4 wheels vehicle is Php270 but without the vehicle you will only pay Php10.00 per person. More or less 10 minutes you will reach Samal Island Barge Terminal and there you will see Camp Holiday Resort.

By: Doris Jamoner


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