List of Restaurants in Davao City Part 3!

Hi! It's been a long time since the last time I posted list of restaurants in Davao City but I'm back wohhh! If you want to check my 1st list Click Here for the 2nd list Click Here. This will be my last post of list of Restaurants as I will be posting the new ones individually. You will find them all in the food section/label.

Without further ado let's get started!

1. Jack Ridge Resort and Restaurant

The place was great. It has a nice view especially at night where you can see the city lights are like stars below. The staffs were very accommodating and caring so the 10% service charge was worth it. The food were awesome at a reasonable price.

Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City, Philippines 8000.

2. Inengs

Sorry I can't find my photos for this restaurant perks of having thousand plus photo on  fb xD. Though this restaurant is a bit more expensive than the usual restaurants which serve grilled chicken and pork  barbecue but I tell you their food is delicious and worth your money.

Located at The Peak Gaisano Mall 

3. Gusteau's Restaurant

The food taste great and clean. The serving is good for 2-3 person. The price is a bit expensive but when you start eating their food you will surely say I don't regret going here. You should try their crab, squid and Sinigang so yummy!

Located at The Peak Gaisano Mall 

Photo credit to Gusteau's facbook page

4. Hukad

The food was cooked well. It taste good. I like the uniqueness because we used banana leaf as our plate.. so Filipino feels like I'm in my province. What I am disappointed is our food takes time to serve well I am ok with that but the worst is when I asked for a glass of water but it took so long and I have to follow up it twice and also for asking the bill I asked 2 different waiters to give us the bill but nothing happen  well I have no choice but to go to the counter and asked it personally and it seems they are not organized.

Located at Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang

5. Batu Cafe

My Coworker found this cafe while surfing the internet and suggested for me to try it since they open early and at the same time I'm always looking for a place to eat breakfast after work. This cafe has variety of choices on their menu some are even international cuisine. 

Located at Las Casitas Inn Rizal St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur 

6. Tapa King

They sell different kind of food made of Tapa. Tapa is dried or cured beef Just like any other ulam (main dish) in Filipino cuisine, tapa is usually partnered with rice. It can be garlic rice, java rice, plain rice or any other types of preparation. The best thing is they offer unli rice!

Located at Quirino Ave near Davao's Doctor Hospital

7. Chief Mong's Boneless Lechon

This restaurant is like Azon Boneless Lechon they also sell Lechon (roasted pig). The serving is small but it taste good not bad to give it a try.

Casabella Building Quirino Avenue corner, General Luna St, Davao City

8. Ka-an

The serving might be small but it is full of taste! You have the opt to have unli rice or regular rice. 

Located at Abreeza Mall

9. Master Bong

Korean Restaurants can be expensive so why not try Master Bong? It is located in Gmall Food court, they served delicious and affordable Korean dish!

10. Cafe Marius

We found this cafe when we were looking for a place to eat for our breakfast. They serve typical breakfast menu at php150 with egg and hot choco. I like the concept of this cafe and their theme color. it is my favorite color!

Located at Legaspi Suites Compund

11. Dong Juan

This restaurant is Heaven!!!! I swear this restaurant is a must try. Their food is awesome period. I have nothing more to say I am speechless! 

Located at Abreeza Mall

12. Dimsum Break

If you are tired of eating in Dimsum Diner and Mandarin you can try Dimsum Break. It is delicious, lots of choices and affordable with good servings.

Located at Gaisano Mall

13. T-Cup Zone

This is a newly open restaurant which serve Taiwanese food and milk tea. It is located near my office so sometimes I eat here for dinner. Opens 9:00 am to 1:30 am. I wish they open earlier like 7:00 am so that I can have my breakfast here after my shift. I really love this place though I'm not fond of Milk tea but I love their food.

That's all folks! I hope I didn't forget anything. If there are other restaurants here in Davao  that you want to recommend please let me know by commenting below. 

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