Breathtaking View of Haven's Peak - Maragusan Tour

Our office was closed last Thursday and Friday because of Thanksgiving so we took this chance to go on a vacation to celebrate our 7th year anniversary in advance. We chose Maragusan as our destination. We rode a bus From Ecoland Davao City Bus Terminal  going to Tagum City. It took us almost around 2.5 hours to reach Tagum City because of traffic in Davao City and from Tagum City we road another bus going to Maragusan which was really a bad move. There is no aircon and nonstop bus going to Maragusan that is why it took us 4 hours to reach Maragusan from Tagum. It should only take us 2 hours if we chose van instead of bus. The road going Maragusan especially 1 hour before Maragusan was rough and uneven because many part of the roads are still under construction.

It was around 5:00 pm when we arrived in Maragusan. From Bus Terminal we hired a Single motor to bring us to Haven's Peak. Haven's Peak is just located near the Terminal if you have lots of energy left you can just walk for 15 minutes but be warn Haven's Peak is on top of the hill. Upon arriving at the entrance of  Haven's Peak you have to take about 208 steps to reach the reception area.

The staff guided us to our room. The exterior was nice as well as the interior. The ambiance in the room was great and the bed was very comfy however the tv was still a CRT and the shower, heater and the faucet in the bathroom sink were not working. We didn't mind because the faucet for bucket and the toilet were working but I still suggest they should improve their rooms.

After a short rest we went to their restaurant to have our dinner. The city lights were our view while we were having our dinner. The food taste good and organic but very cheap, most of their dish are just 100+ pesos. See menu here.

The next morning we woke up early to roam around the resort and to our surprise we were greeted by a great view. The fog covered the city below. It feels like we were in the  top of the clouds. It was such an amazing sight, a great way to start your day! We took photos of the view and the resorts grounds but before that we went to their restaurant to have our breakfast. They have complimentary breakfast but we ordered additional food.

Below were the amazing view of the fogs.
View from the viewing deck

View from our room

View from the restaurant

These were the photos taken as we roam around the resort.

Pool Area

Pool Area

Pool Area

Function Hall


Green House


Cable Car

We enjoyed swimming in their pool. It was so cold and refreshing. Imagine swimming in the pool while there were fogs! Overall I had a great time in Haven's Peak beautiful place, nice atmosphere and amazing view however they lack coordination at first they can't find my name on the reservation list good thing I brought the deposit slip. When we check out I asked the person in the front desk how much was our remaining balance and he only told me my expense in food so I asked him what about our room? He asked me if I already pay for it I answered I only paid 50% for the down payment. He said my remaining balance for the room is 1300 pesos which shock me a bit because when I made the reservation I was told the room only cost 2400 pesos I should only have 1200 remaining balance and not 1300. Actually first when I inquire in their fb page I was told that the room for 2 only cost 2000 pesos but when I called them on phone it became 2400 pesos and when I check out it became 2500 pesos LOL! I didn't mind since I enjoyed the place but when I'm back at home and open my Facebook I was shock to received a message from them saying I forgot to pay my remaining balance for our room. How can I forgot when I'm the one who asked for it? My bad I didn't asked for receipt when they didn't give me one I could have just send it to them directly. I don't even know the name of the person who was in the reception that time because they don\t have name tag or ID.

Haven's Peak Contact Info:

Address: Tarago Hills Maragusan Compostella Davao City
FB Page:
Cell #: 09329562916, (082) 2959251 / mobileTM # 09358145714 /Smart(+63)9077856724

Haven's Peak Room Rates:

Mansaka House - 2400 pesos but we paid 2500 pesos
Bagobo House - 2800 pesos
Ifugao House - 2800 pesos
T'boli House  - 2800 pesos
Villa/Dorm Type - 600 per pax

How to get There:

From Davao ride a bus going to Tagum (80-100 pesos) and from Tagum ride a Van (130 pesos) going to Maragusan. Ride a habal/single motor from Maragusan Bus Terminal to Haven's Peak (25 pesos)

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By: Doris Jamoner


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