Tagbibinta Falls, Aguakan & Kanlawing Springs - Maragusan Tour 2

After having a good rest, great morning view, and delicious breakfast in Haven's Peak we checked out and just walked going to the Bus Terminal. We looked for a Habal2x/single motor to take us to Tabibinta Falls, Aguakan Cold Spring and Kanlawig Hot Spring. Our initial planned was just to stay for 30 mins in each place and  take photos. We don't want to swim because we already did it in the pool of Haven's Peak before we checked out.

Tagbibinta Falls was just about 10 minutes away from the bus terminal. The driver left and told us he will be back after 1 and a half hour. Upon entering I saw a pool I guess the water in the pool was from the Falls. We were wondering where was the falls then we saw few people crossing  the small river and followed them. Just a small trek and you will be there.

Tagbibinta Falls is a 700 ft high and a series of seven falls. We did not bother to see the other falls because it requires trekking and we only have limited time since we will be heading back to Davao City. We were already contented with Tagbibinta falls. It was so majestic and its water was very cold like from a melting ice. It was a sunny day so we decided to swim but we did not submerge our whole body because it was so cold.

I did not swim in the pool because there were lots of people swimming there.

The driver was very on time he arrived at exactly 11:30 am. Our next destination was Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort. It was so quite and there were still no people at that time. We just stayed there for 15 minutes taking pictures and putting our feet on the water. The water was coming from a nearby hot spring. 

After in Kanlawig Hot Spring we went to Aguakan Cold Spring Resort. This place has a nice and big swimming pool. They have lots of cottages and accommodation. I wanted to swim there but the thought of changing clothes and taking shower again and limited time stopped me, maybe next time. We ate some snacks and drank some cold soda while enjoying the view.

Both Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort and Aguakan Cold Spring Resort has lots of rooms for overnight stay and they are cheap but I don't recommend them unless you will bring your own food, their canteens were not reliable when it comes to providing food. We planned to eat lunch in Aguakan Cold Spring Resort but there were no food. I really recommend Haven's Peak it might be more expensive than the rest but it's worth it and you will have the chance to see the magnificent views in the evening, noon and most of all the view in the morning.

We headed back to the Bus Terminal. We ate our lunch there and after eating our lunch we rode a van going to Tagum.

Maragusan Tour Itinerary / Expenses

*Bus Fare Davao - Tagum: 80 pesos aircon but not nonstop
*Bus Fare Tagum - Davao: 80 pesos non air ( I don't recommended this it will you forever to arrive choose Van instead)
*Habal2x Single motor from Bus Terminal to Haven's Peak: 25 pesos per person
*Haven's Room Accommodation: 2500 pesos

*Dinner at Haven's Peak: Battered Chicken Half (150) Chop Suey (100) Pancit Guisado (100) 4 cups of rice (40) 1 liter of coke (45) yeahh it just the two of us for those foods Lol! see other menu Here.

*Breakfast at Haven's Peak: We ordered 1 spaghetti, 1 club house, and two hot choco (180 pesos) They have free complimentary breakfast.

*Habal2x Rent going to Tagbibinta, Kanlawig and Aguakan: 500 pesos
*Lunch at Bus Terminal: 110 pesos (for 2 person)
*Van Fare from Maragusan to Tagum: 130 pesos
*Bus Fare from Tagum to Davao: 100 pesos (nonstop)

How to go to Maragusan:
Ride a Bus going to Tagum City and from Tagum City ride a van going to Maragusan. You can find a van that will go directly to Maragusan in Van Terminal beside Gaisano Mall.

You can check out my blog about  my Day 1 in Maragusan at Haven's Peak Here.

By: Doris Jamoner


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