Team Building at Beach View Resort!

This year we chose Beach View Resort for our Team Building venue. We hired a Van to bring us there however my boyfriend, my friend and I decided to just drive our motorbike going to Beach View Resort since it is just 30 minutes away from Tagum and about 2 hours away from Davao City. It was already afternoon when we went there and in Tagum City it was raining so hard that we have to stay for awhile in our friend's brother house while waiting for the rain to stop.  Around 7:00 pm, it was still raining but we decided to go on our way even if it was raining. We had an accident because it was dark and raining. We didn't notice the hole on the road. Thankfully we only have minor bruise and our motorbike was still working fine though the headlight had a big scratch.

I didn't appreciate the resort when we arrived because it was already evening but the place was full of life. There was a live band, disco and lights but we were not in the mood because of our experience in the road and my phone was soaked in the water. We had our dinner in their restaurant, the food taste good with a reasonable price.

Beach View Resort Menu: (sorry no picture of the food I was very hungry that I forgot to take pic first lol)

We set our tent in the Pavilion. The Pavilion was so big that we can all set our tent there. No worries even if it rains. My colleagues said tables, cottages and pavilion are free at night but we have to evacuate before 7:00 am otherwise they will charge us. Our planned was to get our tent in the morning and will transfer on a smaller cottage to pay lesser.

I slept for 4 hours and wake up around midnight and had a chit chat with my colleagues till morning. I didn't see the sunrise maybe because the sun does not shine in this area. I heard this place has beautiful sunset which I missed. 

I walked around the area to see the place and to take pictures as well.  I love that in the cottage area there were lots of mangrove tree that will serve as a shade from the sun. There was also an open area which is use for volleyball in the morning or disco at night. There were so may empty bottles in the area early in the morning. I wish they will always remind their customer to clean their mess or the staff to always clean, the c.r was clean though.

The resort has a small seashore maybe it is because of their style, well I find it attractive somehow. Beachview Resort is like a combination of Ilihan Beach Resort and Cavanico Il Mare of Samal Island. I did not swim because of my wound in my ankle too bad : (

Beachview Resort Rates

Beach View Contact Info

Beach View Resort Website:

Overall I like the place however nothing really spectacular. If you go here alone to relax and unwind this place is not for you however if you are with your friends, family or large group this place will surely entertain you.

How to get to Beach View Resort:

From Davao ride a bus going to Tagum and from Tagum ride public utility vehicles such as jeeps and multicab bund for Pinadasan, Mabini and Pantukan and buses plying the Mati routes. can be hailed at the Tagum Overland Public Terminal or at the Tagum Crossroads, to transport passengers to the Pindasan town proper. From the Pindasan highway junction, single motorcycles and pedicabs can again be hailed to take you to the resort. 

Via private cars, the route will take you to the Maco and Mabini town propers before reaching the Pindasan highway junction. The landmarks to look for in this highway junction are the Brgy Pindasan Barangay Hall and the Public Gym. Take a right, then follow the road all the way to seashoreline,  then take a left using the coastal road leading to the Beach View Resort. Among all the resorts along the Mabini and Pantukan shorelines, it is by far the nearest from the capital cities of both Davao del Norte (Tagum City) and Compostela Valley (Nabunturan) Provinces.

By: Doris Jamoner


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