List of Restaurants in Davao City Part 4!

I'm back! It's been a long time since the last time I posted a blog. Unfortunately, since after new year I never had a vacation. I never went to any beach or pool. I don't know why huhu! Well It is okay because next month I will be going to Ilo-Ilo Yeheey!

I may never been to any pool and beach but I been eating a lot. I said in my previous List  Of Restaurants post that I will be posting food blog individually but I just can't! I am so lazy and it keeps on  piling up haha... So lets proceed to my List of Restaurants in Davao City Part 4!

1. Lechon Hauz

Location: SM City Ecoland

Their lechon was really delicious much better than Azon and Chief Mong's Boneless Lechon. It taste like a real lechon made by an  experienced lechoneros.  They have lots to offer other than lechon baboy, they have lechon manok, seafood, and other filipino food. Their meals menu comes with  drinks and unli rice. Sulit!

2. DugOut

Location: Beechnut Square Building, Santa Ana Ave.

I really wanted to try here because of their baby back ribs. When we had the chance to visit their place. The ribs were really worth trying not just the ribs but their other food such as chicken&Fries, fish steak and nachos.

3. YellowFin

Location: Sandawa Plaza R Quimpo Blvd

I always find this restaurant whenever I search for restaurant in google. I guess Yellowfin is one of the famous restaurant here. When I reached the place I was a little bit disappointed because it just look like a diner or karenderya but a big one. The plates, table and chairs were just normal looking but the price of the food are a bit pricey with a small serving. I didn't understand why until we got our order and started eating. I finally understood we paid for the quality of the food. It was delicious! Filipino food at its finest! I just wish they will give a big serving.

4. Red Corner

Location: The Peak Gaisano Mall

We suppose to go here to eat burgers but while looking at their menu we saw that they also sell steak and we just love steak so we ordered steak and their cheapest burger. The average price of their steak is 1 peso per 1 gram. One order is around 250-300 grams. Though this is a burger restaurant but swear they have the best steak, so flavorful!

5. Steak ni Juan

Location: Tulip Drive Matina

Since I love Steak we tried another restaurant that only served steak for a low price. The taste and serving was good but it was a bit dry. I understand that we ordered for a well done but it was dry and hard for a steak. The place was small and they don't have parking lot. The place was full of smoke you will go out of the place with a smell  on your clothes.

6. Grab a Crab

Location: SM City Ecoland

We didn't order Crab here because it was a bit expensive. It will cost I guess more or less 600 pesos for one crab but I bet it was a big crab. What I like about this place was they were so fast in serving your food yet the food was cooked well.  I also like the ambiance of the place.

7. Wild Garlic

Location: 497 South Street, Dbp Village Maa, - Across the side of NCCC mall.

My broker in Real Estate introduce this place. We had our group meeting or seminar here. On the outside this place looks like a normal yellow house .. well yeah it was a house and a restaurant at the same time. I love the interior design and the food was great!

8. Mikos Brew 

Location: Chavez St, Poblacion District

This restaurant has a cute interior design and cheap food. The taste and serving of the food was just fine, not too good but not bad. It was not a bad idea to visit this place since they serve cheap food where even students can afford but I will still choose keepsake over this restaurant.

9. New Davao Famous Restaurant

Location: 401 Ramon Magsaysay Ave, Poblacion District,

Yes it is totally new! They renovated the whole interior and turn it into a modern restaurant. I just love it! This place has the best chop suey, I really love eating breakfast here.

10. Coco's South Bistro

Location: McArthur Hwy, Matina (Corner Tulip Drive)

This has always been my favorite since. Everytime I go here they never fail to meet my expectation. The food is great and satisfying.

11. Hey Brew Sneaker Cafe

Location:  Phoenix Gasoline Station Compound, Matina Crossing

This cafe has a unique theme. This is a cafe where you can also buy sneakers, fun isn't it?

12. The Grillery Smokehouse

Location: Lanang Business Park

If you love barbecue, you should visit this place! This restaurant offer eat all you can barbecue and rice for 169 pesos. The food was really good.The area is an open place however, the grill produce lots of smoke so you will end up with a smell on your clothes.

13. Seafood Island

Location ; SM City Ecoland

This restaurant was really awesome. The food was sooo good and satisfying. One of the best restaurant in SM City Ecoland.

14. Kaori's Kitchen

Location: Loyola St, Obrero

The place looks classy with all the white chairs and curtains. The food was rich in flavor though it was a bit pricey. I just wish they will have a big serving. The serving was  just good for two person.

15. Mesa

Location: SM City Ecoland

When we were looking at the menu. I thought the price was reasonable though it is a bit expensive since it is the average price in this kind of restaurant but I was shocked when the food was delivered to us. The serving was so small. It was so small that it looks like an appetizer and not a main course for a price of more than 300 pesos. I admit the food was great and delicious but not that great to compensate the small serving. They have a barkada meal which consist of lots of dish that will only cost each person for about 250 pesos so better go here with your friends and family than alone or with just one person.

16. Stairwell

Location: Matina Town Square

I wanted to go here because I want to try their black burger but unfortunately it was not available at that time so we ordered different dish instead such as buffalo wings. I will recommend this place. The place might look small on the outside but it has enough space especially in the second floor. The food was great and satisfying at a reasonable price.

That's all for now folks! I am so behind with my blogging. I was so busy with work and playing Mobile Legend but hopefully will be posting the place and restaurants that I visited. 

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By: Doris Jamoner


  1. walay pricing sa uban gikan-an nimu dutz?

    1. wala kay hasta ng dugaya sa uban kaya di nkow makaalala basta kanang steak ni juan, lechon hauz, mikos brew tig 100 plus ang food per person.. and the rest kay 200-300 per sud an pero good for two/three.

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