Bohol Escapade

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Bohol is not part of Davao City but it is my birthplace! Yes I am a Bol-anon and I love soup xD. I was just born in Bohol but I grow up in Davao. After leaving Bohol (When I was still a baby) I never had a chance to go back there but last year March 2014 I had my first trip to Bohol with my friends! Thanks to peso fare of Cebu Pacific hehe.

When we arrived in Mactan Airport it was already evening and it was raining so we just had our dinner and slept early because we need to wake up early for us not to be late on the first trip of fast ferries going to Bohol.

 It was a long travel from Cebu to Bohol I don't know how many hours it took because I was just sleeping ~__~ sleepy cat..

It's Adventure time in Bohol!

Bilar Man made Forest

Going to Carmen we passed by a man made forest! We stopped for a moment to take photos of course. These Mahogany trees were planted by boy scouts before as a part of reforestation project. It was really cool. The trees were stunning!

Next is the Butterfly Habitat!

Ohhh We have Butterfly Wings!!

This was a good visit love seeing those butterflies and get in touch with them. Their tour guide were also entertaining . They can make you laugh while teaching you facts about butterflies. xD

One of the cutest thing you will ever see in Bohol, Tarsier!

Tarsier Conversation Area.

Actually this was my first time seeing a tarsier in person.. Gosh They are so small.. I wish I could touch them but we were not allowed.. We were not even allowed to be noisy. Camera flashes were also not allowed. These things might stress them because Tarsiers are often shy and nervous. They might commit suicide if you do those things that are not allowed.



Shhh Silence Please I am Sleeping

The most awaiting part. One I am dreaming of is to see the chocolate hills but when we went there it was raining and the fog covered the chocolate hills. : /

They are behind those fogs T^T

We were sad because we didn't see the chocolate hills T-T ... Just a tip if you are planning to visit chocolate hills make sure you are going there during dry season (They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name.)  Otherwise either you will see it in green color or you will end up like us.

We had our lunch at Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Our trip will not be completed without this experience. While cruising in the river we enjoyed the buffet style food, the sight seeing of the river and the serenade of the local singers. There were lots of foreigners enjoying the floating restaurant and most of them were koreans.. xD

For a few minutes we stopped in a place where there were people wearing tribal clothes.

I am the tribal Queen woohhh!

After lunch we went to different old churches of Bohol which were unfortunately ruin by the strong earthquake. Well I still like it.. I love ruins.

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this church xD

We also went to see the blood compact monument..

The view behind the Blood Compact Monument

Since we love beach we won't leave Bohol without going to beach. We went to Baclayan Beach. I can't remember what is the name of the beach. We would like to go to Panglao where there are tons of beautiful beaches but we don't have time anymore we have to go back to Cebu.

I will surely go back to Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills (Of course w/o the fog hehe) and visit Panglao ^___^

By: Doris Jamoner


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