Enjoy Cebu City!

We don't have plans what to do in Cebu. We were so focused in Bohol and we forgot about Cebu. Since we don't have plan we just stroll around Cebu and go wherever our mind and our destiny bring us. xD

What did we find in Cebu?

1. Malls! There are lots of Malls here in Cebu.. There are some malls that are too crowded. I can even feel the air condition because of too much people but there are also malls that are not crowded.

2. Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro is a historical place. It was built for military defense by the Spaniards. Lets take a look inside ^__^

Paintings of the Spaniards and Filipino Heroes.

This is where students or group of people gather to do something like practice dancing, acting etc.

Upper part of the Fort San Pedro.. Looks like I am in Spanish time hehe

After taking a look inside the Fort San Pedro we went outside where there is a big field/park and some monuments..

3.  Basílica Minore del Santo Niño also known as Santo Nino Church. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church established in the Philippines. Well the main reason why we went there is that we want to see Magellan's Cross. Magellan's Cross is a Christian cross planted by Portuguese, and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in the Philippines.

Because of the strong earthquake they need to do some updates but it is still open for people to see.

4. Of course FOOOD! 

Casa Verde Best Selling Brian's Rib

I don't know who is Brian but his rib is surely delicious xD .. When visiting Casa Verde you should try this one. You will not regret! Oh yeahh just a tip be early because Casa Verde has lots of customer you will end up like us we were waiting outside the restaurant because there are no vacant table. Good thing we didn't wait for too long and their food is worth waiting xD

Rico's Lechon

I really told my friends that we will not leave Cebu without trying Rico's Lechon. It is the best Lechon in Cebu! Well I saw in KrisTV that kris really love this and when I was watching her show that time I was really drooling  and I said to myself One day I will eat there haha Dream Come True!

Larsian sa Fuente

If you are Barbeque Addict This is the right place for you! You should not miss this place! The moment we entered this place there were so many choices and seller keep saying "Maam Sir eat here! We have lots of choices and we will give you discounts etcc" We don't know where to go haha Good thing we have a choleric friend who decide which one to choose for us xD

Taboan Public Market

Since it is  Filipino tradition of travellers bringing gifts from their destination to people back home. We went to Taboan Public Market to buy Danggit, Dried Mango, Otap, and other food which is known in Cebu. xD 

Though we really didn't stay long in Cebu and we haven't explore all parts of Cebu especially their good resorts I must say I enjoyed my stay there. 


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