Precious Garden Resort!

At first I wasn't expecting much because I haven't seen lots of photos of the resort in websites and blogs. I thought Precious Garden Resort was very far but it was just very near. From Sasa Barge we rode a habal habal motor.. Well we only paid 30 Pesos per person.

When we arrived at the resort I felt very welcomed. Their staffs were approachable. They accompanied us to our room and the moment we saw our room I was overwhelm by its size, beauty and cleanliness. The room was very big, the bed looks good and comfy and the most important thing for me is the bathroom. The bathroom was very spacious and clean which is a plus factor. Even their public CR were well maintained and spacious.

This is their Hotel for guest who want to stay overnight

The only thing I am sad is that Globe internet signal is very weak but thank goodness there is a patio with chair and table at the back of our room where we can stay there and use our laptop.

The paintings add beauty to the room

After arranging our things we went to their restaurant to eat something. There were lots of choices in their menu from Filipino food to some European food. They also offer fresh juices. Their food taste good and clean. Satisfying ^^,

We ordered firewood pepperoni  pizza. A must try!

Mango Float for dinner

Seafood Pansit Canton for Dinner

Fish steak with vegies salad for dinner

The next morning we had our complimentary breakfast at around 6:00 am. All their rooms have complimentary breakfast. Nice isn't it? 

After we had our breakfast we walked around the garden and took photos. The garden was well maintained. The garden landscape was truly beautiful.


Outside the restaurant

One of the freebies is going to Vanishing Island for free oh yeah. We told their staff that we want to go there. When we arrived there it was high tide well obviously because it was still 8:00 am. I was a little bit sad because I want to take photos with the sand T.T but when we got off from the boat the water feel so good. It was so clear and refreshing. I can even clearly see how white and fined the sand is! If only I could hug the whole sea I will!

 My experience in precious garden resort was really great! Great room, nice place, delicious food and friendly staff. Super like!


Entrance for Day Tour and Overnight

100.00/each - Adult
50.00/each - Kids (6-9 yrs old)

Open Cottage good for 4 pax only

Day Tour - 400.00
Over Night - 800.00
W/ free set up of matraces,pillow,blanket and mosquito net for overnight stay

Matrimonial Room - 2,500/night good for 2 pax w/ free breakfast
Split Bed Room - 2,500 good for 2 pax w/ free breakfast (This is what we avail)
Family Room - 7,500/night good for 10 pax w/ free breakfast for 5
Dormitory Room - 15,000/night good for 25 pax w/ free breakfast for 10

*Extra sofa bed @600/each
*Pillow-blanket-Towel @50/each


No Grilling and cooking Area
Bringing Food and Drinks are not allowed
Pets are not Allowed
No tents allowed
Bringing burner or Rice Cooker are strictly  not allowed.

Dine in at the Beach Area has additional 12% Charge

Sun +63 933 924 9919, +63 943 212 4416
Smart +63 919 978 9086, Globe +63 915 200 0096


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