Samal Beach - Villa Amparo Beach Resort

While searching for a beach resort in Samal where we can have an overnight stay, Villa Amparo caught my attention because of its man made Island, their sunbathing area and beautiful gazebo. Then it was decided that we will go to Villa Amparo!

From Sasa barge we rode a tricycle. My gosh it was quite a long ride and we paid 50 pesos each. I almost forgot to tell that going back to Sasa Barge might be difficult if you don't have your own car so I suggest to tell the tricycle or motor driver to pick you up again or you can ask his number. When we arrived at the beach resort we paid for the room. We don't have to pay for the entrance fee since it was included in the room fee. We bought Lechon manok good thing they didn't find out because food is not allowed.

We rested near the beach area while waiting for our room. They were still preparing it.  I look at the place and I said to myself "The long ride is worth it. This place is so great!"

View from the balcony of our room..
I like staying at the balcony of our room. The ambiance is so peaceful

Though the place was not that big but I really enjoyed their landscape and beautiful coast line.

Just love their tables and chairs they were made of woods.

Sunbathing area.. Relax yourself and forget your worries

Man made island in low tide

I wish I had tried sitting in the swing under the gazebo.

Relaxing in the Island and just stare in the ocean.. I can also hear birds while sitting there. It is really a good feeling.


4 Years Old Below – FREE
Kids (5-12 years old)- Php 70
Adult – Php100 , Php200 for overnight

Room Rates
Non-Aircon room ( 4 persons) – Php 1800.00
Air-con room ( 4 persons) – Php 2500.00
Family Room(air-con) – Php 4500.00
Pent House – Php 100.00/pax


  1. I'm dying to go to Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort! I can go there alone and have my alone time, just relax and read books. I can't wait to be there!


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