Waig Crystal Spring Resort - Maramag Bukidnon

Photo courtesy of http://www.bukidnon.gov.ph/

As I was writing my blog these past few days, I remembered the first and hopefully not the last time I went to Bukidnon. It was a good experience for me. Bukidnon is such a nice and beautiful place.

I'm lucky that not so long time ago I belonged in a mission group (GMBT Worldwide Ministry Inc) We have lots of activities including having retreats. One of the most unforgettable for me is our retreat in Waig Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag Bukidnon.  

We left Davao early in the morning. I think it was still 4:00 am when we left in Davao. It was really hard for me to wake up and I planned to continue my sleep on the road but my plan was cancelled because my group mates always ask the driver to stop for awhile because they want to take a look of the view. On the way to Bukidnon you will see many great views therefore it is not a bad idea to stop for awhile and enjoy the view.

Below are some of our photos on the way to Bukidnon.

When we arrived in Waig Crystal Resort. I was amazed at how big the area is. It is 3.6 Hectares. It was so huge that I am not sure if I already tour the whole place. My favorite part was their cable cars, zip line and of course their pool with many slides. Their pool is not your ordinary pool because it is chlorine free it is because the water in pool is from the waterfalls near the pool that flows from the natural source. Going to pool area you can ride in their cable cars but there are times we choose to walk down to the pool area. It is not that difficult but going back to our room is difficult. Climbing the stairs is a pain in the legs T^T but it is a good exercise though.

They also have a hanging bridge. That time I was a little bit ignorant of hanging bridge. (Well I am still young that time xD) I am scared to cross that's why I didn't try. (I regret it now) 

Mini Waterfalls ^__^

Members of GMBT Worldwide Ministries Inc Batch 2008/2009 Lol Am I that old now? I can't remember and the date stamp is not clear T.T

Blogger Notes: Sorry I don't have lots of photos of the place. I was still young and very poor that time I can't afford to buy my own cam xD

Waig Crystal Spring Resort Contact Information:

Address: Purok 8-A Spring Site, North Poblacion, Maramag, Bukidnon
Tel: (088) 356-1111, 0915-553-5384, 0921-208-6304



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