Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort - Samal Island

I was always been in this beach resort for many many many times already. When I was in Highschool, Paradise Island was always been a favorite Field trip destination of my school (Lifestream International College). I guess because they have nice and clean beach, aviary, park, children play ground, restaurant which offer delicious food especially sea food, stores where you can buy drinks, healthy snack food and souvenir, lastast but not the least they have Recreational Games and Water Sports.

See? They just don't offer a nice beach but a lot more. No wonder why this was always my school favorite destination.

After I graduated highschool I thought I will not be visiting much of Paradise Island again but I was lucky that this was also one of the favorite destination for retreats and hang out area of the mission group that I am with before. Paradise Island offer everything we need aside from what I wrote awhile ago they also have lots of rooms  and they also have Convention Halls.

I remember one early morning I think it was holiday our Pastor said, "Okay today we will go to Paradise Island" and we were like whaatt? Seriously? We are not yet mentally prepared xD He just said we will be leaving in 30 minutes. We prepared our things in just 30 minutes. I just grabbed whatever the first clothes my hands touched. xD

How to go to Paradise Island? Easy! just tell the taxi driver that you want to go Paradise Island and he will bring you where you can ride a boat going directly to Paradise Island. If you prefer riding a jeep.. Take Sasa route and tell the jeepney driver the same thing.

Ate Vanessa and Ate Evan are ready to go Paradise Island!

Welcome To Paradise Island

Swimming Swimming!!!

Souvenir Shop

This picture was taken long long time ago the prices might have change.

Paradise Island rates: (Updated as of 2015)

Entrance Fee:

Day Tour – Php 200
Beach Overnight – Php 300
Boat Ride – Php 15.00

Room Rates:

PREMIER PhP 3,900.00
DELUXE PhP 3,500.00
Day Tour PhP 200.00
Beach Overnight PhP 300.00
Extra Bed PhP 750.00
Boat Ride (O/W) PhP 15.00/person



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