D' Leonor Hotel Inland Resort and Wave Pool

Personally I like beach more than pool but what makes me want to visit this place are their amenities and wave pool. It is not my first time to swim in a wave pool. I had my first experience in Emars Hotel but D'Leonor has much to offer. The first time I been in D'Leonor was when my mother called me to come over to D'Leonor. They are having their field trip for her nursery and kindergarten  students. The place is soo big it is about 26 hectares. Good thing they have free shuttle service to tour you around the area of course it would be very tiring to walk xD.

This place offers many activities you can enjoy not only for children but also for adult. They have mini zoo, zip line, hanging bridge, wall climb, fun park, fishing area, basketball area, ATV and many more.. sorry I have poor memory I can't enumerate all. I haven't explore the place the first time I went there because I was from work (night shift). I told my boyfriend that we should visit D'Leonor because I really want to try their wave pool thank goodness he said yes! ^__^

How to go to D' Leonor Hotel Inland Resort 

Ride a taxi and tell the driver D'leonor Hotem Inland Resort and he will take you there but I think that would be kinda expensive it would be better ride a Jeep. From Downtown area ride a jeep going to Buhangin Panacan and tell the driver to drop you in Jose Maria College across that school you will see a motor that can take you to D'Leonor Hotel Inland.

The wave pool

Cottages in the pool area.

What I love about their room is that it is like a mini house. It has living room, kitchen with oven and ref and bedroom  own bathroom. They have also free breakfast!

Our Room


Living Room

They have lots of amenities but some are not yet operational or still under construction. I hope in the coming days, months, years they will be fully operational. I really love their concept.



D' Leonor Hotel Inland Resort
Purok 5, Barangay Communal Cabantian, Buhangin, Davao City
Tels (082) 302 6158 | (082) 302 7011
Mobile +639228464314 | +639328504908


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